Winter Workshops

Winter has arrived in Central Victoria and while it’s tempting to stay home by the fire we still like to get together to enjoy sewing and nattering.

So far in the last month two members have given a talk/show-&-tell about their quilting adventures and there’s been a mini workshop on bias stems for applique.

Yesterday eight of us participated in making a fantastic ruler bag.

Designed and taught by one of our members, Cherie, this bag has a place for everything.

image of ruler bagThis is my bag, I followed Cherie’s design for a 6 1/2″  square ruler, a 6 1/2″ x 12″ and a

6 1/2″ x 24″ but others added more pockets or different pockets depending on the rulers and mats they have. The bag accomodates a 17″ x 23″ cutting mat, but again you can add more pockets.

I really like the clear plastic zippered pocket for rotary cutters and other ‘stuff’ we take to retreats etc.

image of pinning on pocketsChristine used an Indonesian fabric that had been in her stash a very long time.

It was a block print and was gorgeous, she also had a zipper from her Mother’s sewing kit…recycled from a vintage evening garmet.  It added just the right amount of bling.image of in progressRosalind, Cherie, Brenda and Trish way at the back.

image of in progressMerlyn, Elaine, Christine and Cherie.

Lorraine was teacher’s helper~ ironing, making tea and just looking after us all.

Thank you Lorraine, we’re very glad you had time to get a bit of your own work done so you got to enjoy the day too.

image of applique preparationAt the end of the day we lined up with our bags to show off the results of a fun day.

L-R Christine,Brenda, Merlyn, Elaine, Cherie, Trish, Alison and Margaret.  Whre's Rosalind?

L-R Christine, Brenda, Merlyn, Elaine, Cherie, Trish, Alison and Margaret. Where’s Rosalind?

Thank you Cherie, we had a great day.

Thank you Lorraine, we were very spoilt with tea/coffee and treats.

And thanks to all who took part, what fun we had and what will we make next?

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