Works in progress

Photos taken at our meeting on November 23rd, 2011

Lorraine’s latest quilt is a showstopper. Great graphic design, one of those quilts that you just keep looking at and finding new details.

Do you remember the parcel of blue fabrics we collected for Lorraine? This is what she’s done with them.

This is a queen-size quilt, and she is hand-quilting it. Detail of the centre

Christine is using her father’s ties for a quilt-as-you-go hexagon quilt.

And Brenda is making great progress with her amazing quilt –

tiny, tiny hexagons, joined with fine hand stitches.

She says it’s getting rather heavy, and this back view shows why.

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One Response to Works in progress

  1. frekam2013 says:

    Wow so many nice project you are showing.
    All these ladies made wonderful quilts.
    So creative.

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